3 February 2022 Telenor Quiz Answers | My telenor app today answers

3 February 2022  Telenor Quiz Answers | My telenor app today answers

Telenor Pakistan which is thought to be one of the biggest mobile networks in Pakistan is providing a great service labelled as My Telenor Today questions. Telenor users can relish this service freely.

How to use this service:

  • The users need to have My Telenor app in their mobile phone
  • Users need to have an account on any telenor number in my Telenor app
  • Users need to have at least 1 paisa balance
  • Users need to click on my skills
  • The users have to select right answer from given options and then to click on next button
  • In the end Users have to refresh their My Telenor App to enjoy free 50 MB data
Below are given the today answers for my Telenor App. 
Today my Telenor Questions and answers
Q 1 : The batsman on the non striker end is called? 
  • Substitute
  • Runner
  • Striker
  • Keeper
  • Runner ( Ans)
 Q 2:  …Are the players who come at 8,9,10 and 11 and are not noted for batting powers
  • Openers
  • Runners
  • All rounders
  • Tailenders
  • Tailenders  (Ans)
Q 3: … is the number of side who can not bat and is chosen as specialist bowler
  • Runner
  • Bunny
  • Duck
  • None
  • Bunny  ( Ans)
Q 4: Swing ball is usually possible in which bowling style?
  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Wide
  • Bouncer
To get the answers of question 4,5 click on the button below.



Q 5: Which pitch least allows the ball to turn?
  • Green pitch
  • Dead pitch
  • Dusty pitch
  • All
To get the answers of Question 4 and 5 click on the button given below.


How much data is given:

Dear pals as you know that we have to answer only 5 questions at this platform and if our questions are correct  , we are given 50 mbs free data. That data is usable for online searching and downloading equally. Even that data can be used for social media like Facebook , Twitter etc. But the problem with us is this that we can’t use that we can’t use more than 50 mbs. But the methods are there to use it freely.

What to do to make it unlimited: Step 1

The very 1st thing that should be done by you guys is to install VPN ( Open Tunnel ). Open Tunnel is one of the vpns that can be used for DNS files easily. Telenor Pk does give us opportunity to link its DNS to such vpns.  It’s also very easy to install. You can install it just by clicking on the link given below. Just click on download button to download VPN

Step 2:

After having installed the VPN given above, you only need to download file for that vpn so that you can use free internet by just importing a file into that.  The downloaded file is in txt format and you have to remove .txt given at the end. In other case that file will not be visible at all. Hence rename that file and import that file by going into VPN import file option. To download file just click on download button.


Below are given the cautions , you need be very careful while using Open Tunnel VPN.

What not to do?
  • Never put your mobile on flight mode
  • Never try to restart your phone frequently
  • Keep updating files
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