Abstract of cost


Quantity Suveying Abstract of cost

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1Excavation is ordinary soil4873.69cft657.301000 cft3203.48
2P.C.C (1:3:6) under raft275.87 cft3661.90100 cft10102.08
3P.C.C (1:4:8) under foundation of stair and floor447.76 cft3011.80100 cft13485.64
3.A.Brick soiling1772.28 sft282.15100 sft5000.49
4R.C.C (1:2:4) excluding steel5431.04 cft94.15 cftcft426597.41
5Reinforcement steel10.11 cuit1240.75cuit12543.98
6Mosaic dado 1/2 ” thick1006.22 sft2034.80100 sft20474.56
7Providing and fixing PVC stops65.98 rft67.10per rft4427.26
8Providing and installing blind pipe10 ft234.80per rft2348.00
9 Construction of sluice value chamber1 No1797.10each1164.40
10Stair railing standard design168rft114.00rft19152.00