Characteristics of Sulphide and Bromide :


Characteristics of Sulphite and Bromide : 

Qualities of Bromides :

Galett Burgess is a modern America writer,  who is known in the world of the literature for his humorous writing.  In an interesting and funny manner,  he divides people into two large group bromide and sulphite. All the people of the world fall into one category or  the other. The Bromide from the large bulk of the world.  The writer calls  them philistine  and the conservative.  The philistines were known  for their materialistic approach towards life.  The Bromide have the following qualities of character : 

Qualities of Bromides :

Materialistic : 

 The Bromide all greedy and self -centred people. They hanker after material gains.  They are uncultured and uncivilized people. They are a dull and uninteresting lot of mankind. The writer calls them Bores. 


They are conservatives in their clothes,  manners and ideas.  They obey the law of average. They follow as set pattern of life. They have their hair cut every month at the regular time. They go to their office at regular hours.  In this way they lead a dull and mechanical life. They worship Dogmass.  They confirm to everything sanctioned by the majority. 

Not original : 

A Bromide cannot think about fresh ideas. He is never original and fresh in his approach towards life. His brain cannot invent new things and new ideas in life. Perhaps his brain consists of cells which inhibit him from thinking a new things.  His intellectual process automatic his reign of thoughts can never get off the track. 

Dull to sense of beauty : 

A Bromide  is dull to the  sence of beauty. A beautiful picture by an artist fails to produce an emotional  response in him. The scene of sunset painted in a picture fails to produce any response  in him. 

Lacks Originality :

A Bromide cannot be original in his thinking. He always offers full and routine arguments on every issue of life.  One ezoexts originality from him but one is always disappointed.  The writer becomes very bitter when he writers about his lack of originality.

Qualities of Sulphides :

According to the writer a sulphide is a person who does his own thinking. He is person who has surprises up his sleeves.  He is explosive. He is original.  No one can foresee is doing.  He is not always pleasant in his behaviour. He may shock or please us by his sudden and spontaneous actions. 

Sulphides are in minority:

The Sulphides do not exist in large number.  However all the reformers cranks  and artist  are sulphites.  The insane asylums has sulphites.  They  not only do ordinary things in unusual ways, but they do unusual things in ordinary ways.  For example,  a sulphite can say farewell to his friend in an abrupt manner. He may keep the pipe burning while saving a drowning girl. He follows his own pattern of behaviour. When he presents a gift it has either rhyme or reason to it. He does not care whether the society likes it or not.  His adjustment in society is difficult. 

From History and Literature : 

 The writer divides mankind into two classes bromides and sulfides. The bromides are ordinary people and they possess average ability. They behave in a routine manner. The sulphides are original thinkers. Thry are highly intellectual. They are found in minority. They are reformers and artists of great order.  In order to illustrate his point the writer gives us example of two classes of people from history and literature. 

1- Hamlet is very imaginative  and emotional character  is Shakespeare’s play ” Hamlet. He is sulphite. 

2- Becky Sharp is an imaginative and emotional character of Thackerays  important novel ” Vanity Fair”.  She is sulphite.  Amelia Sedley is Another character of the same play. 

3- Dr. Roosevelt of the U.S.A was a sulphite. He was the president of America.  He was  very popular among the people for his extraordinary  and original policies.  But his predecessors president,  Herbert Hoover was a bromide. He followed  set policies and did not give anything new to his people and to the world. 

4- G. B  Shaw was a great Irish playwright.  He was a sulphite. He was a original thinker. His plays reflected his brilliant ideas.  Marie Corelli, another writer of G. B Shaw’s time was a bromide.  Her writing was dull and uninteresting.

5- Dr Johnson was a sulphite,  but his writings was a bromidic. Lewis Carroll, who wrote ” Alice in Wonderland ” was a sulphite. He had extraordinary ideas about different characters and situations.  But his private life was bromidic. 

6- Sameul Johnson was a prose writer of great order, but he was a bromidic. The discussion made above shows that a person may be a sulphite in his creation but he may not be Bromide in his private life. The example of Lewis carroll can be cited in this connection. A  person may be sulphite like Johnson.  But his writings maybe Bromidic unfortunately, a sulphite does not always produces sulphite art. There are a large number of Writers who are more interesting in the private life than in their work.