Engineers poetry

Engineers poetry

Poem No.1 ‘If tommorow comes without me.’

If tomorrow comes without me,
Find me in the lands of the long gone,
Surrender all the questions to the creator,
For He is the one who chose me over this life.
If tomorrow comes without me,
Write me a beautiful piece to honor my departure,
Tell my past am now relieved,
Of this past memories that haunt my present.
If tomorrow comes without me,
Inform my dreams through another soul life will see them,
Tell my future a new me will one day rise,
For to me, beliefs promised a forever stay.
If tomorrow comes without me,
Tell my love warriors I’ll miss their presence,
Tell the ground to swallow this body of mine with pride,
For many will be left wearing that face of sorrow.
If tomorrow comes without me,
Plant love in others to show humanity’s existence,
Send me off without a prayer,
For the heavens watched me suffer but gave me no help.

Poem No.2 ‘Dear mask”,

Before you came my life was running smooth,
I could access any place without your company,
You entered my world without even a knock,
Pain the only thing you brought yourself with.
With you on, am a stranger to my friends,
Without you, away from me many run,
Police always after me each time I try to say no to you,
A you not a devil that came to darken my brighter days?
Should I call you dear so that you can depart in peace?
Or you’re here, just to show me enmity can live long,
Many say you’re here to help humanity fight a virus,
But because of you, air is no longer a friend to us.
My bond of love is now weakened,
Your presence says no to saliva exchange,
Because of you, environment is now no longer clean,
When will you finally show us your back dear mask?

Poem No. 3 ” Silence”

The silence,
Shatters me.
Missing you,
Breaks my spirit.
I sit here in despair
Watching the door
Hoping to here a knock
A knock to raise my spirits
A knock to awaken my soul.
A day makes me darker
The cold always threatening
Where are you my love?
I feel like calling out
But I’m weak in body and spirit
Come home baby

Poem No 4. ‘I’LL BE GONE.”

When you enter our bed room
At the centre of our bed of lies
You’ll find a  sad poem
Written in a distinctive  red  ink
Explaining why I can’t be with you.
It will be a sad poem
But from you it will draw a smile 
A smile of victory and triumph
For the storm you raised
Was too big for me as you intended.
I don’t know if you’ll be torn by guilt
At the end of the poem
For I’ll have gone to distant lands
In my hand a painting of you
To remind me of the memories we made.
I hope his smile will be as bright as the sun
To absolve the sins you committed together
I hope his image will play in your mind like a film
To make you forget about me.
I’ll not see all that, for I’ll be gone.

Poem No.5 “Come In”

Am lonely in the room,
Come and restore my joy,
Come with a broom,
Am your child come with a toy,
You’ll aid me proper groom,
I’ve heard the knock…
Come in.
Come in father,
I desire your comfort,
Let’s flock like feathers,
Come with snacks you’ve bought,
My sad fragments you’ll gather,
Your ways I’ll be taught,
I’ve heard the knock..
Come in.
In my heart there’s vacancy,
I believe you’ll feel the space,
Come and lighten my heart with candles of fancy,
You’ll speed up my pace,
Don’t look at my infancy,
I’ve heard the knock..
Come in.
Someone knocks the door,
My Lord of hosts,
The one whom I adore,
Prince of peace who shuns extorts,
The knock I won’t ignore,
He was crucified on the posts,
I’ve heard the knock..
Come in.

Poem No. 6 “Clarity”

I have seen the 
light of darkness and 
I have seen the darkness 
of light in thoughts. 
I have seen the
good of evil and 
I have seen the 
evil of goodness in man. 
I have seen the 
weakness of strength and 
I have seen the 
strength of weakness.
I have seen the pride 
of humility in doves and 
I have seen the humility 
of pride in peacocks. 
I have seen
beautiful moments 
go to ruin in semelparous animals 
and I have seen beauty in ruin 
when nature put forth anew. 
I have dared my dread 
and turned out undead.
I have been to the abyss 
and feed my demons 
the light of clarity.
I have embraced 
the clarity of purpose. 
I have embraced 
the clarity of time and seasons.
Hey! Depression, 
you linger here too early too late. 
This soul shall not take the plunge
nor succumb to your gallous gulp. 
We are too lettered to be littered by you.
No, Suicide, 
you shall not be dignified,
not with my name, 
not with my friends, 
not with my family, 
not with the weakest of man, 
not with the-you reading this. 
No, Suicide, 
we are on the 
we are purified.
-Amami H.