” How soon Hath Time “

” How soon Hath Time ” 

” How soon Hath Time ” Paraphrasing and critical appreciation

The fleeting time , like a thief has stolen away my twenty three years of life. Time is flying on its wings. The days of life are  hasting away. My life has not yet rendered any spiritual or mental ripeness , which is  the over flowering of a bud.

May be outward appearance does not show any inner reality. That is why I do not seem to be reaching near to my maturity and manhood. My inward maturity has not yet appeared on my face. The same ripeness has already appeared for others by now. I am still devoid of the maturity.

My maturity in the form of another blessing maybe it is less or more will definitely bestowed on me .The process of maturity may be quick moving or it comes at a slow pace. But it will definitely come to me.it is a must for me to be patient and resigned to the will of God. I must show resilience. My power of maturity will be granted to me. Time is leading me onto my destination. I have to follow the will of God only. God is a great and strict taskmaster. He sees everything with equal benignity. I am no exception in the eyes of God. He will bless me and bestow me with Grace kindness and maturity.

Milton’s father was a learned man he wanted his son to be highly educated. By the age of 12 although Milton’s eyesight showed some signs of weakness yet it would not make the young reader to give up reading up to late nights sitting and pouring through. History polite literature with great avidity. He hardly ever retired to bed before midnight. This proved the first source of injury to his eyes.

Along with the great desire arising in the heart and mind of John Milton to achieve something at a grand scale and be renowned for all the centuries to come his ardor for knowledge increased evermore. The poet had wished to write battery even at an early stage but he felt in capable of doing it because of lack of maturity of both body and soul. he thought that the maturity which others might have achieved at that age was not bestowed on him by God. Is early MS giving ends with a note of patient faith and affirmation.

Some critics of John Milton believe that it is thoughts of defeatism rose in his heart of the future epic poet due to his advancing blindness which naturally would inflict is inward vision with black thoughts and pessimism. Being a pious man and an abstainer John Milton seemed fully designed to God’s will. he would humbly and meekly bow before God’s will God’s decree was final to him his anguish and sorrow came to a happy ending with a note of resilience that God would not leave him alone. He would be certainly be helped  by Him.