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How to make money at home

How to make money at home

How to Earn online it’s a question moving in everyone’s mind. As it’s modern era, people are earning a lot online. The one who’s not earning wants to earn and the one who’s earning he wants to increase his earning. In this article you’ll be shown ways to earn at home just using Facebook as a platform.

Facebook as a market:

  • According to an unofficial estimate Facebook users are more than 1.70 billions. If we say this in other words it means that it’s one of the platforms where people from all over the world are existing. Just imagine to have a shop at a place where millions of people come & go several times a day. Won’t you get any of customers??. The answer is you will have to recruit maximum sellers to sell your items to customers standing on the shutter of your shop.
  • Facebook is a market where you will be feeling free of thieves and robbers. With just a little bit care you can easily secure your account fry hackers.
  • Facebook is such a market that you need no transport to get access to this market.You can open the doors to this market just by clicking on the touch pad of your mobile phone.
  • Facebook is such a market where you can open your selling point without investing even a single penny. You can start it just sitting in the bed room of your house.
How can you earn using Facebook:
  1. You  can earn simply by becoming reseller.
  2. You can earn by selling your own items.
  3. You can earn by  using Facebook different features.
How to earn by becoming reseller :

Before we go to earning process , we should understand what’s the meaning of reselling. Reselling means to buy a product from someone & to sell that to own clients or to facilitate seller to sell his item. The very basic thing that you guys need to know is the market trend. First if you buy an item , should be knowing before buying that your desired item can be sold with how much profit. Below I’m going to tell you about some of the items which you can buy & sell easily with handsome profit.

 Google Adsense account : 

  • You need to join groups related to your Google Adsense, there you will a lot of posts posted by sellers and buyers. To get the experience you might also post there as a seller as well as buyer , thus you will ne able to get the idea about price.
  • You will need to keep checking those groups if one posts as a seller, you must go to his inbox and inquire about his demand. After doing this you will need to post in same or in any other group as seller. There you will be getting a lot of messages in your inbox. People will be asking as about your demand. Simply you will need to tell them 500Rs or more than demanded from you by the seller. This is the way to earn using platform. Below I’m going to share the services you can resell and earn a lot.
YouTube watch time :
A lot of people demand YouTube watch time and also there are many who provide this service. The only thing you have to do is to become a reseller.

 YouTube Subscribers : 

You need to join groups related to YouTube. There you’ll get posts by the sellers & buyers. The thing upto your shoulders will be to facilitate both the parties and get your commission.

Facebook shares : 

Simple method you need to do as above has been mentioned.

Earn by using Facebook features :

Facebook features like Instant article, instream ads are highly paid features. If you have skills and are eligible to get eligibility for Facebook monetization you need not to go anywhere, you can earn staying at home. Never forget that for this kind of earning you need to highly skilled like video etc.

Our words :

  • while buying or selling anything online you need to be highly alert in the wake of scammers. Unfortunately not all human beings are good rather scammers are also in our surroundings.
  • It’s entirely upto you and your eligibility, we don’t force anyone to start business without having good experience.
  • If you start working after having read our post,  you yourself will be responsible for gain or loss..


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