Lights out explantion


Lights out Explanation:

I have ……. of sleep

The unfathomable deep

Forest ….. lose

Their way ….. straight

Or winding …. late

They ….. choose

Reference: These lines are taken from the poem ” Lights out” composed by Edward Thomas.

Context: In this poem the poet expresses his feelings and views about the experience of sleep. He points out that sleep looks to with the intention of exercising a great alluring power over man’s senses. A person can not resist its influence. The poet compares sleep  with a thick and and deep forest in which every one loses his way. He admires sleep because it makes us forget our worries and provides relief from the hardships of life.


In the given lines , the poet says that he has come to the boarder of sleep. He is now under the influence of a sleep. Sleep is taking hold of him. He feels that he is entering into a deep forest in which everyone is bound to lose his way. He finds himself in the immeasurable depths of forest. Nobody has choice there. Everyone can lose his way whether straight or crooked sooner or later in the thick forest of sleep. He yields before the soothing influence of sleep without any choice. He has no other choice than obeying the call of the sleep when it comes.

Lines  7 to 12

The poet says that from morning to evening people follow different roads in search of the bread and butter. They remain busy all the day and try to avoid sleep. When night comes the fall under the spell of sleep. Suddenly the the nature of sleep deceives the travelers. So at this time everything becomes faint and dim before their eyes. Soon they forget all worldly occupations and affairs and sink into the dark forest of sleep.

Lines 13 to 18.

In these lines the poet gives us a very interesting view of sleep he describes the power of sleep on human beings. To him sleep is a very alluring thing. he says that when sleep comes we willingly or unwillingly stop all our activities. When we feel over fatigued and need to rest through sleep then the inevitable stroke of sleep makes us unconscious of all types of pleasures and displeasures. All our desires sorrows and hatred come to an end when sleep rules over us. whether or memories are sweet or bitter we forget of them after the arrival of sleep. Sleep is far sweeter than all the sweet memories and far nobler than all the Nobel tasks. we feel so helpless before sleep that we are forced to give up our sweetest patients and goals.