Open Tunnel new files for Zong free internet

Open tunnel new files

Open Tunnel new files for Zong free internet

Below is given the link to very fast work line.
The importance of this line is this that you can use Zong internet without spending even a penny.
The file has speed more than 400 mbpc. This is thought to be very good and fast speed if we compare it with the speed of internet without VPN. To use this internet The only thing you guys need to have is Zong sim. With Zong sim sim you guys will be able to enjoy free unlimited MBS
  • To use this file one must have open tunnel new updated version
  • Make sure that the file you have downloaded is .TNL format.
  • This files may get expired within a week .
Congratulations , Zong internet is working

NOTE : These files work only in Open Tunnel VPN. 
To download file click on the download image
  Line 1 is given below πŸ‘‡
Open tunnel file
To download 2nd file click below on Download button 
To download 3rd File click below

Open tunnel new files
Download file No.4 πŸ‘‡

File No.5 πŸ‘‡

File No.6 πŸ‘‡

Zong Gaming FileπŸ‘‡
Zong free vpn
Zong Gaming File : 
  • By using / importing this file, you’ll be eligible to play all online games
  • We update these files here on regular basis so, you may download  fresh files everyday
  • Old files lose their speed, you may enjoy fast speed with new files daily
Hopefully you download the files given above.
Now you all have to keep in mind that how to use the downloaded files.
  • Make sure the format of the file. In case it’s not .tnl File then you will have install an app from Play store called ” Vin Rar”
  • After importing that file just click on the start button.
  • If it doesn’t work, you will need to restart your cell phone.
As you all guys know there are many android users in developing country who are found asking about how to use free internet, this VPN is going to be very special for such users as I have shared a detailed method of using absolutely free internet on Pakistan’s best Networks like Zong LTE.
This VPN allows its users to use free internet without the area limits etc. If its users have Zong Sim they can enjoy Absolutely Free internet everywhere in Pakistan. in all the Provinces of Pakistan.
This sort of knowledge or tricks are special for our students, who don’t have money to activate the packages very expensive ones.
You need to do this setting in your mobile
  • Go to mobile setting
  • Go to mobile network settings
  • Go to Zong sim
  • Go to access point names
  • Authentication type ( PAP)
  • APN Protocol ( ipv4/ipv6)
  • APN Roaming protocol ( ipv4/ipv6)
  • Save setting
  • Import vpn file
  • Restart your phone & start your vpn