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Overshadowed love

Overshadowed love

Episode two

Hardly had I knocked the door of the office when it was flung open. I was confused like a gazelle ambushed by a lion in at dawn. My heart jabbed with fright. “ Come in Ben,the perpetrator behind the archaic behavior, ”said the deputy in anger. I entered the office in a rock mood. I couldn’t utter any word. I was a murderer put on trial without freedom of expression. “Go and call Johnson!” she ordered. From my glued posture I left the room.
Form two north was the  barrage of rotten behaviors. Where could we dispose off this garbage?
I entered the class in a loud bang. Full of depression and unchained ambition. I ordered him out. This was the boy with ruddy hair. The so called ‘handsome boy,sugar boy’.
We departed to meet the sword of circumcision. I now got the glimpse of it all. If Johnny could be in a similar mistake like mine then am in great agony. Have you ever denied your personality? How do you feel when you’re exposed to a field of shame unnoticeable?
So I knocked the office’s door. We entered the ‘courtroom’.
“The two culprits get out fast,”roared the deputy. She referred to Johnson and Lily. I was left in the office with the deputy and this made me feel like being in jaws of death.
She started in a low tone this made me feel comfortable. “I’ve called you for a reason an ardent one. I have been so vigilant about the trend of the school and I’ve noticed an I’ll behavior, have you? ”she paused with a question. This posed a great challenge on me. “Yes madam”, I replied with a sigh of relief. “So proceed,”she replied with a smile. I now knew she had won my intelligence.
If I said no then I would have risked my leadership authenticity and it would sound me a failure.
I decided to read her mind. “I’ve heard some rumors about boys and girls falling in love and smoking but haven’t witnessed.” She looked at me with strange eyes.
Our deputy was a lady who could man the school even if the principal was away. After a moment of  silence. She requested me to be a good ambassador. Her amiability could make a kid expose the secrecy behind his mothers adultery. She ordered me to make immense and intense research to get the victims of premarital sex  in the school lab.
I left the office feeling like a prisoner who had been freed after thirty years of slavery. The deputy’s office was situated amidst the store. After leaving the office I couldn’t believe my eyes.Dreaming a nightmare in a sunny day. Johnson had been carried away by lust.
He was holding the succulent lips of Lily, kissing her romantically. On the other hand ,Lily was palatable touching his bony cheeks. Envy filled my heart and I couldn’t stand a chance to let my love for her go.
Have you ever observed cocks fighting in in battle beside a hen. Anger combined with envy overwhelmed my composure. The war and screams made the deputy mad. She was pressured by fear. Who said boys don’t fight over girls? I proved manhood. The entire staff room gasped at this horrendous sound. It was an earthquake with an epicenter from Ben.
Teachers ran for rescue while others came to part us.
Love carried my solidarity.
Lily was confused in her unbuttoned shirt while Johnson’s trouser had no zip. What they did was reflected from their countenance.
The deputy held an emergency meeting with teachers and we were put on a disciplinary committee to elucidate the genesis of the war.


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