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Silence verses, 

And my heart aches. 

Sounds of silence make me remind, 

The echoes of my heart makes sound. 

And your love and my desires combined with purity, 

Makes the silence sound like the waves of peace. 

And do you know something? 

Whenever I feel low I find you around for me. 

My heart echoes just your name, 

My heart just wants you to be there. 

Nothing really matters to me, 

All that matters is all about you and only you. 

Whenever I feel low, 

I start baffling like a strange street dog but you know what my heart still echoes just you. 

It just wants you, 

It just you whose name is being called aloud by my heart. 

My heart echoes your name, 

And then I find you close. 

So close that in-spite your absence I feel you around, 

All in this hazy and busy life I feel you close. 

My heartbeats starts beating faster, 

As if you were really right beside me. 

I turn around to look for you, 

But I don’t find you but my heart where does it listens to me it just echoes your name in and out. 

Making me go crazy, 

But that feeling is just amazing. 

You know what the echoes of my heart always call your name because they know you will be always there for me. 

Having feeling you to be near me, 

Feeling your diguised ways to make me happy! 

Feeling those funny faces which you made, 

Just to see a smile on my face! 

Only you holded the capacity of making me smile in cries and mourn in blissful happiness, 

We never expressed our love, never ever proposed but every couple wanted understanding and untouched  and eternal love like us! 

Some feelings untouched some feelings unrevealed, 

Never said by words but our eyes were always the doors to our hearts! 

Your sparkling eyes and that charming smile, 

Always took my heart away! 

And that day when I was feeling too low, 

Your one act like joker made me forget all my worries! 

Really that day my love for you became more deep, 

And respect had endured rather than my love! 

All beautiful smiles all wonderful moments, 

All those unsaid feelings were a real blessing for me! 

Our feelings untouched, but souls did connected, 

And that epitome of pure love arouse! 

We aren’t together, 

We were never in any relationship but just closing my eyes and thinking about you gave me immense courage to live off all the hurdles of my life! 

Never expressed, Never revealed;

Never said, Never confessed! 

But those pure untouched feelings dwell today also in my heart, 

Just a glimpse of yours or any good news about you also makes my day! 



And Thus  all the echoes of my heart keep on calling your name.

And get me right that whenever i listen to these echoes of my heart i feel complete and happy , rather than i avoid listening to these echoes of my heart which always speaks about you and  makes on strengthening my  love for feelings for you deep inside my heart.



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