The end of the beginning important question

The end of the beginning

Chauvinism means an exaggerated pride in one’s country, with a corresponding contempt felt for foreign Nations. Darry shows such contemptuous attitude to his wife please see when he says to her agony to look at you , agony  to listen to you agony to be anywhere near you. His expression proves that he hates treating her for inferior to him. Perhaps it is his instinct of male chauvinism that he makes love to miss a lies to prove the inferior quality of his wife Lizzie in not being able to type any man as her boyfriend. Anyhow one thing is certain. He has changed place with his wife to demonstrate the justification of his self assume theory of of male chauvinism in the sense that a man like him can do more works than a woman like Lizzie.

In actuality diaries challenge of change of places is accepted rather bravely by his wife who goes to the feels outside in order to do the meadow-mowing work if he believes in the validity of male chauvinism she on her part believes in the justification of the proverb that is slow and steady wins the race. The interchange of male-female duties starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m.. all along these two hours the continuous rattling veer of her moving machine proves that her work is going on smoothly. it is only when Gary has become extremely tired and profusely painted with the black suit of the chimney that he returns home and find her husband completely defeated he is male chauvinism. It is enough for her to see her husband extremely exhausted and disturbed.

It is certain that there is belief in male chauvinism has shattered to ground  as his physical movements with the fast and medium or slow rhythms of the gramophone records. He could not check the complete oil flowing out from the drum. His truck against a Wall of the sky and spud-spot fell down on the floor and the pig could not be filed with the potatoes. In this collagen he got his nice seriously injured and he took the help of his friend Barry in violation of the terms of the duty change pact with his wife over could do single-handedly. Utilized the services of such a short-sighted friend who broke down his junk crockery parts shelves window pan etc. “The end of the beginning nullifies in a very humorous and agreeable manner the false claim of male chauvinism that man is superior to woman