Toman vpn SSH Files


Toman vpn SSH Files

Toman vpn SSH Files

Below is given Toman VPN SSH file for Zong VPN. After having installed TOMAN VPN you will have to import this file. This file is not permanent at all but it can expire after a week.
This VPN has super fast speed. Pakistani users can use it with Zong network.
This files works very well in the areas where 4g service is available. This has better speed than the speed without VPN.
The purpose behind sharing such files is education.
Below is given the file you can go to download button and then by clicking on download you will be able to download the file.
How to use TOMAN vpn
  • You need to have TOMAN VPN installed in your device
  • You need to restore your VPN before importing this file
  • You need to have file in .PXP format.
  • You need to Press on the start button after having imported this file.
Toman VPN Qualities:
  • It’s not of the biggest applications which consume much of data rather it’s one of smallest applications
  • It’s speed is better enough , you can watch live videos easily
  • It’s quick to accept imported files

How to import files?

  • Link is given below by clicking on download button you’ll be able download Toman Files
  • After downloading this file you’ll have to go to TOMAN VPN & by clicking on the right corner  📄 you’ll have to import that downloaded file.
  • After having imported you’ll have to click on Start Button

Zong Host has been changed. We’ll soon bring the happy news regarding zong files

Click here for File No. 1
Below is given File No.2

Below is given File No.3

File No 4:
Toman files

Note: These files are for only zong users.Only zong users can enjoy free internet using these files. 

We keep updating this page on regular basis 👆

Where and how to Intall Toman VPN ?

To download TOMAN VPN Click below
You need to do this setting in your mobile

  • Go to mobile setting
  • Go to mobile network settings
  • Go to Zong sim
  • Go to access point names
  • Authentication type ( PAP)
  • APN Protocol ( ipv4/ipv6)
  • APN Roaming protocol ( ipv4/ipv6)
  • Save setting
  • Import vpn file
  • Restart your phone & start your vpn