How to change Whatsapp font styles


How to change Whatsapp font styles

How to change Whatsapp font styles 

How to change Whatsapp font styles ?

This is the question that often knocks at the door of our mind. In the past years we were unable to find out the answer. Sometimes we were contented and sometimes we used to start trying to solve this mystery. But now we are better able to find out the solution of this query.
In the past we met so many questions that were almost far away from their answers. The question which used to arise in our minds are given below.
  • Can we beautify our text written on the screen of our mobile phone?
  • Can we add our emotions in our words by beautifying our text?
  • How long we’ll have to do with these simple alphabetic letters?
Now we have the answers for all these questions. We may find hundreds of apps to beautiful our text. One of such apps is ” Fancy Text” 
This is an app using which you can find fancy text. Just by copying that text you can paste that anywhere like WhatsApp etc. Interestingly you’ll be able to see that text as you copy & the receiver of that text will also be enjoying same fancy text.
As we know the random things are always random and are without emotions as are full of hollowness. If we beautify anything , of course that has special impression .

Fancy Text Application’s benefits

  • You can use it with your defaulted application
  • You can install it consuming a few mbs
  • It doesn’t catch much of your phone memory
  • It responds faster than any other application

Things not about this app :

  • As every free application is full of ads, this app is also not with exception
  • You have to pass through the labor of copying & pasting

How to use it?

  • After having installed this app in your phone you can start typing
  • Your internet must be connected
  • It changes simple text into fancy within second
  • It’s functions are so easy to be operated

How to install ?

  • You can install it just by clicking on the link given below.
  • After having downloaded you’ll have to allow it if you are having tight security of your phone.
  • After allowing it your app will automatically be installed
Click on Download file
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